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How to Add Your Existing HIVE Wallet to Your GLG account



  • jaki01

    If I click on my profile I don't see "WALLETS", "VERIFICATION", "LOG OUT" but instead of that "Profile", "Requests", "Activities", "Change password" and "Sign out".

    I simply don't find the button, where to go to "WALLETS".

  • Royaleagle

    jaki01 will you please double-check the URL you are using?  I just double-checked this on and it looks exactly as described above.

  • jaki01

    Choosing your link it says "Account not found", and it even doesn't recognize the account jaki01 if I try to login in using keychain.

    Probably I am doing any mistake, but so far don't know which one ... I will keep trying, lol. :)

  • jaki01

    OK, finally: "HIVE Wallet linked to account."
    Problem solved, first step done. :)

  • Carluis Santoyo

    hi, i tried to link my hive account, and it says my email needs to be verified, but i follow the verification link that was sent to my email and nothing happens.
    Please help.


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